8:30-9:00 Registration

9:00-9:45 Opening speeches

Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business; Chair of Organising and Programme Committee)

Siniša Petrović (University of Zagreb-Faculty of Law, Vice-Dean; President, Croatian Competition Law and Policy Association)

Mirta Kapural (Member of the Croatian Competition Council)

Oliver Kesar (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Vice-Dean)

Damir Boras (University of Zagreb, Rector)

H.E. W. Robert Kohorst (US Ambassador to Croatia)

Nataša Mikuš Žigman (State Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia - On behalf of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia)

9:45-11:15 Keynote speeches

William Kovacic (George Washington University, USA) - 30 Years After the Wall: Evaluating the Competition Law Experience in Central and Eastern Europe

Kati Cseres (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - From Europeanization to Harmonization: Authorities Powers and Priorities

11:15-11:45 Coffee break

11:45-13:00 Panel 1

Moderator: Siniša Petrović (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

Marek Martyniszyn (Queen's University Belfast, UK) - From a Developing to a Developed Economy: On a Competition System in the Making and the Case of Poland

Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman (University of Zagreb, Croatia) - On the Development of (Not So) New Competition Systems - Findings from an Empirical Study

Umut Aydin (Pontificia Universidad Catholica de Chile, Chile) - Attitudes Towards Cartels in Chile: Where Do We Stand in Terms of Competition Culture?

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Panel 2

Moderator: Marco Botta (Max Planck Institute for Competition and Innovation, Munich, Germany)

Maciej Bernatt (University of Warsaw, Poland) - Illiberal Populism and Antitrust - Impact Scenarios

Alexandr Svetlicinii (University of Macau, China) - Antitrust Enforcement against SOEs in the CEE Member States

Dubravka Akšamović (University of Osijek, Croatia) - Judicial review in competition cases: Winning and losing arguments before the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia

Vlatka Butorac Malnar & Ivana Kunda (University of Rijeka, Croatia) - Damages Claims for Infringements of Art 101 and 102 TFEU before EU Accession

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:15 Book presentation (J. Pecotić Kaufman, V. Butorac Malnar, D. Akšamović, Competition Law in Croatia, Kluwer Law International, 2019), by Professor K. Cseres

16:15-18:00 Selected papers presentation

Moderator: Tea Jagić (DG CONNECT/HAKOM)

Ondrej Blažo (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia) - Proper, Transparent and Just Prioritization Policy as a Challenge for National Competition Authorities and Enforcement of Competition Law

Ákos Réger (Allegro Consulting) & András Horváth (Hegymegi-Barakonyi and Partner Baker & McKenzie Attorneys-at-Law) - Abuse of Dominance in the Case Law of the Hungarian Competition Authority – A Historical Overview

Dijana Marković-Bajalović (University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - The EU Competition Enforcement Model – Which Lessons For Candidate Countries?

Avdylkader Mucaj (PhD candidate, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) - Competition Law Framework and Institutional Design in Kosovo

Veljko Smiljanić (Karanović & Partners, Belgrade, Serbia) & Kevin Rihtar (Karanović & Nikolić, Ljubljana, Slovenia) - Institutional Design, Efficiency and Due Process: Lessons from Slovenia and Serbia

Dino Gliha (Attorney-at-Law, PhD candidate, University of Zagreb, Croatia) - Development of Refusal to License Copyright Under Article 102 TFEU with a View on Methods of Evaluation and Enforcement in the Croatian Legal System

Day 1

12 December 2019

International academic conference

"Challenges to the Enforcement of Competition Rules in Central and Eastern Europe"

Day 2

13 December 2019

Policy Event

"Competition Policy Enforcement in the Digital Economy: Recent Developments"

9:00-9:30 Registration

09:30-09:45 Welcome

Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business; Chair of Organising and Programme Committee)

09:45-11:00 Keynote speeches

William Kovacic (George Washington University, USA) - Fit for Purpose? Competition Law Institutions and Digital Dynamism

Mirta Kapural (Member of the Croatian Competition Council) - Speech

11:00-12:15 Panel 1

Moderator: Marijana Liszt (Liszt & Partners Law Firm, Zagreb, Croatia)

Nikola Popović (HAKOM, Croatia) – Governance of Digital Ecosystems

Pedro Gonzaga (OECD) – Competition Policy in Digital Markets: Main Challenges for Competition Authorities and Recent OECD Findings

Álvaro Garcia Delgado (European Commission-DG COMP) – Interactions Between Competition and Regulation in the Digital Field

12:15-13:15 Lunch

13:15-14:45 Panel 2

Moderator: Mario Krka (Divjak Topić & Bahtijarević Law Firm, Zagreb, Croatia)

Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson (University of Graz, Austria) – The Relevant Market Goes Digital

Ramsi Woodcock (University of Kentucky, USA) – Data-Driven Pricing and the Second Dimension of Market Power

Thibault Schrepel (University of Utrecht, The Netherlands) – Real Dynamic Collusion Using Blockchain

Stefan Thomas (Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany) - Harmful Signals: Cartel Prohibition and Oligopoly Theory in the Age of Machine Learning

14:45-15:15 Coffee break

15:15-16:45 Panel 3

Moderator: Mislav Bradvica (Bradvica Marić Wahl Cesarec Law Firm, Zagreb, Croatia)

Marko Brgić (Croatian Competition Agency) - Antitrust Enforcement in Digital Era: Thinking Outside the Box

Stefan Ruech (Austrian Competition Authority) – David vs. Goliath? - Dealing with the Challenges in the Digital Economy from the Perspective of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority

Marco Botta (Max Planck Institute for Competition and Innovation, Munich, Germany) - German Facebook Case: Interaction Between Competition Policy, Consumer Protection and Data Protection

Mario Denni (Italian Competition Authority) - The ICA's Investigation Against Amazon: What Is the Theory of Harm?

16:45-17:00 Concluding remarks

Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Ecomics and Business; Chair of Organising and Programme Committee)

Programme (pdf)

Speakers' CVs are available here