Marijana Liszt, Liszt & Partners (Zagreb)

Marijana Liszt has been a practising attorney since 2002. After graduating from the Zagreb Law School and obtaining a master’s degree in EU law at the University Carlos III of Madrid, she completed the master’s course in EU law at the Zagreb Law School, focusing on state aid law. In 2005 she was appointed by the government of the Republic of Croatia as head of the working group on Chapter 8 – Competition Policy and served in that position from 2005 until the closing of the negotiations in 2011. She is now a PhD candidate at the Law School of the University of Rijeka, working on a thesis in the topic of state aid law, in particular the public financing of services of general economic interest. Marijana is a Senior and Managing Partner in the Boutique law firm Liszt & Partners specialized in State Aid and Competition Law with permanent affection for Commercial and Corporate law. She is also a co-author of an university course book on Competition and State aid law and an author of numerous expert articles relating to competition, State aid or sports law published in Croatia and in the EU, as well as a guest lecturer at the Zagreb Law School.